This is the story of an old dog named Emu that has been through a harsh life. His owner has brought him in a veterinarian to be euthanized. The vet realized to give the old dog a chance to live more.

That’s why the veterinarian asked the owner of the dog to let him appear in an event called Sidewalk Specials’ Adoption Day. That was the day that changed the life of the old dog. Emu had a chance to find a foster family.

The first time Emu met his foster family, he was nervous. Later, he realized that he would have a better life with these people. Emu was a sweet and friendly dog in spite of the harsh life that he has been through.

However, it’s not easy to adopt an older dog that was not also in good health condition. But the foster family did not give up in showing their intent to adopt Emu. After a couple of months processing the adoption paper of emu, he was given a new name and settled in a new home and family. Nutzie, the old dog’s new name, has a new sibling. Nutzie and Sahara became inseparable as they love snuggling and playing together.

Indeed, it is true that there’s always a second chance. Through the kind heart of the vet, Emu or Nutzie had found a family that gave him a new life. Dog owners should know that euthanasia is not the answer to get rid of old dogs. Animals are God’s creations; that’s why humans have no right to kill them.

If there’s no room in your house to accommodate old dogs, you can bring them into animal shelters. In the case of Emu, he’s lucky enough to be spared from death and eventually had a second chance not only to live more but also to be with a loving and caring family.

Watch the video below:

Video source: Sidewalk Specials via YouTube


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