Living on the streets is a very challenging situation. One would always be unsure of where his next food would be coming from. This usually results in leaving one very hungry.

This dog was found by a man who wanted to help him. When this dog was found, he was in horrible conditions. This starved dog has been living on the streets and looking for food through trash and whatever he could scrape.

He was skin and bones. The dog was abandoned and starving. As this man was looking at the dog, he knew he needed to help and give him a chance.


The man brought the dog to the shelter so he could be fed regularly. The dog was very fearful at first and would try to bite when someone touches him. The man was very patient and stayed with him for hours, and would attempt to touch him from time to time.

The man’s patience paid off the scared dog finally let his guard down and allowed the man to pet him. It was progress. As the dog stayed longer in the shelter, he became healthier and stronger.

One can see the amazing transformation that the dog went through, from being stick-thin to having a healthy body. He has finally started to make friends around the shelter and has also shown his personality.

He is very affectionate and sweet especially to the man who rescued him. Now that he has learned to trust people again and he does not bite anyone who tries to touch him, the people from the shelter are trying to get him adopted.

If not for the man who gave him a chance, he would still be out on the streets scavenging for scraps. Worse, he may not be alive at all. He is one lucky dog to get another swing at life.

Source The Dodo via YouTube



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