Recently, people were shocked to find an abandoned dog, locked in a cage at the Nieuwegein carpool pickup spot in the Netherlands. The dog was right next to the wooded area, and no owner was in sight.

The people immediately reported the incident to the police, who were equally surprised to see the confused dog inside her cage. They approached the dog and noticed how sweet she was. It was as if she was waiting for someone to rescue her. So, the police officers decided to free her from the crate.

Posted by Politie Nieuwegein on Sunday, July 21, 2019


The moment the pup was released, she immediately made sure to make everyone feel how grateful she was for their help. She showed them her biggest smile, and some puppy jumps. Despite what she has been through, she still did not have any fear of people. Instead, she loved having them around.

The police officers brought the pup to a local rescue center. That was where the shelter staff learned that the dog is a 2-year-old shepherd mix. However, they found no microchip in her. This gave them the impression that whoever owned the pup had no intention to get her back.

The Nieuwegein police department posted about the incident on their Facebook page, which received various reactions. Many couldn’t believe how someone could abandon such a sweet dog. Some also reached out to be the pup’s new owner.

Posted by Politie Nieuwegein on Sunday, July 21, 2019


On the other hand, many people showed outraged when they learned about what happened. Because of that, the authorities appealed for people to stay calm. They reminded everyone that what’s important now is that the dog is already safe.

The authorities also stressed that they condemn what the owner did, which is why they are looking for whoever that is. On their Facebook post, the Nieuwegein police department said that they have received some tips about the incident and are already working on the information that they have.

Credit: Politie Nieuwegein


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