Pit bulls are often seen as vicious. But the truth is, they are way different on the inside. They are huge teddy bears wanting to be loved. That’s what Nuala has proven.

Nuala was having a tough time, and she didn’t know what to do. All she wanted was to relieve herself from problems. So, just like other pet lovers, Nuala came to a shelter to pet dogs for relaxation. But things didn’t go as expected. She met the most adorable dog in her entire life and quickly fell in love.



Nuala was looking around when she came across Murphy. He was shaking like a leaf. The moment he made eye contact with her, Nuala knew that this dog was meant for her. The dog came running towards her, giving her the sweetest kisses he could ever give! Nuala knew that there was something special about Murphy. She had to take him home.

Murphy helped Nuala overcome her troubles. He made her feel like she has more purpose in life. He changed her in many ways. As time passed by, Nuala discovered Murphy’s deep personality. How he can understand people. How he loves singing to tunes of music, and how protective he is as a best friend. He is one amazing dog.

She knew deep inside that she has the sweetest dog, but people think of him as a scary beast. One time when Nuala was walking Murphy, she heard a man telling his wife that Murphy is one of those menaces to the society he was talking about earlier.

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She got hurt for her dog, but she just told the man that they are just walking. How can a dog be a menace to society? She’s always heartbroken whenever she sees people scared of Murphy. Murphy has four pit bull cousins and Nuala made the perfect solution for her problem.

She started to take photos of them together. She wanted to show everyone how loving they are and the feedback was amazing. People started messaging her that she has changed their perspective towards pitties. She couldn’t be happier to know these things because that’s her only goal, to change the way people see pit bulls.

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