A Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office deputy found an unfortunate dachshund shivering in a ditch. The canine’s muzzle and legs were bound with duct tape, and he seems to have been thrown to the ground as he was discovered to have a concussion.

It was lucky that the dachshund didn’t die from the cold after spending 12 hours in the ditch in below freezing temperatures. The deputy rushed him to the Ivan Animal Hospital, where he recovered from the traumatic incident.

The department nicknamed the dog Jimmy and posted a photo of him on their Facebook page in an attempt to find his owner. As it turns out, the dachshund’s name is Flick, and he belongs to a 20-year-old woman named Kaitlynn Kofron.


Image credit: Jimmy the Dachshund on Facebook

Kofron let Flick out one night without a leash, and she says that was a mistake—when she called him in after a few minutes, the dog was nowhere in sight.

Authorities arrested one Paul Garcia for abusing the dachshund thanks to the deputy’s work; he saved the piece of duct tape pulled from Flick’s body, and techs were able to lift Garcia’s fingerprint off the material.

Garcia claims to have bound and abducted the dachshund because he thought Flick was a police dog sent to record his activity with a camera.

Kofron was thrilled to be reunited with Flick, who has been with her since she received him as a Christmas present in 2006. However, she had no idea where to get the money to pay for the dachshund’s medical expenses as she had just given birth recently.

Fortunately for her, the owner of Mahn Funeral Homes in De Soto, Todd Mahn, offered to cover one hundred percent of Flick’s vet bills after hearing what happened. He shares that the story touched him as he had a beloved dog when he was younger.

Following the incident, Kofron set up a Facebook page for Flick to update the public on his status. Now that he’s back at home, the dachshund seems to be doing well, happily playing in his owner’s yard without a care in the world.

Watch Kofron and Flick’s reunion in the video below:

Source: FOX 2 St. Louis on YouTube



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