We can’t hide the fact that animals, in spite of their differences, create a better friendship than humans. We hear news about a dog and a cat being close to each other and posts of chimpanzees making up after a fight. But the latest animal friendship story is this pooch who became friends with horses!

Jack Sparrow, a Dalmatian, lives under the care and protection of Human and Horse Hotel in Kootwijkerbroek. He also lives together with this two-member horse family consisting of a nine-year-old Appaloosa stallion named Nevada and a five-year-old Shetland pony called Napoleon.

Greetje Hakvoort, the hotel’s founder, enjoys seeing the three of them bond together. They would frequently go to the fields and run side by side. He also mentioned that Jack always likes to be beside the two when people take photos and videos of them.


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The two horses actually arrived at the sanctuary before Jack did. While Nevada and Napoleon are not actually relatives, they basically treat each other as family, hanging out and playing all day long. Then Jack came into the picture, and the family grew bigger and stronger.

According to Greetje, Jack Sparrow was still a puppy when he arrived at the hotel. When Jack caught sight of Napoleon, he immediately rushed to the pony, thinking that he was his family. From that day forward, Jack has been following Napoleon everywhere he goes.

Aside from Napoleon, Jack also got along well with Nevada. They like to spend time together, and they would even do tricks together to entertain Greetje.

The interesting part about this group is their particular similarity with each other. All three of them are adorned with white fur and black spots, making them look like a set of triplets! Who would have thought that animals of different species can have the perfect friendship everyone wants – a friendship without discrimination but with appreciation and love?

Here’s one of their favorite photos together.

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