Humans respond to rainfall differently. While some appreciate the sound and feel of a rainy day, others are not as welcoming. This is just as true with dogs. They, too, do not respond to a rainy day the same way.

It is important to note that various aspects of rainfall have direct effect to your canine companion. From its sound to the moisture it brings, this natural phenomenon has a way of changing your dog’s behavior, among others.

Rainfall discourages your dog from doing physical activities

If you are the type of person who is not particularly welcoming of rainfall, chances are when it is raining, you will feel less inclined to take your dog out for a walk. This feeling of disinterest is something your dog will detect. Therefore, they, too, will feel less energetic and they will be less inclined to participate in any physical activity.


Rainfall makes your dog anxious


Dogs have a highly evolved sense of hearing. They hear sounds four times more intensely than we do. Given how rainfall typically comes with loud sounds, both from thunder and water dropping against roofs and concrete, it is easy for this natural phenomenon to make your pup anxious. In fact, according to a study conducted by Penn State, at least 30% of domesticated canines are fearful or thunderstorms.

Rainfall increases your dog’s fear of water

A majority of dogs do not appreciate getting their bodies wet. This is why most of them hate the concept of bathing. Come rainy season, if a dog that is already averse to wetting their paws is taken outside for their much needed exercise, chances are they will find the experience traumatizing. The puddles on streets and the wet blades of grass will give them utmost discomfort.

Rainfall amplifies your dog’s doggy smell

Rainfall increases air moisture. In turn, smells of all kinds are amplified. This is because water vapor clings to molecules of scent way longer than the usual. This is why when you take your dog outdoors, even after a downpour, their doggy smell still tends to worsen. This barrage of smells is something your dog might find interesting, however, especially if they are prone to appreciate the scent of their fellow animals.

Rainfall can trigger static electricity in your dog’s coat

One way to know if your dog’s coat is experiencing static electricity is when they start pacing around when a thunderstorm commences. This might look adorable at first, but take note that this is an anxiety-inducing experience for your dog. They might be feeling countless, if slight, electric shocks in their body.

Rainfall is out of anyone’s control. No matter how you love your dog, you cannot stop a thunderstorm from doing its thing and wreaking its havoc. The best you can do is to prepare your dog for this eventuality. For starters, make sure that your house is a safe and comforting place. And give your pup all the hugs they need come rainy days. Those hugs will go a long way.



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