A family in Vancouver was left distraught after finding out that the pet sitter they hired lost their dog, Sami. But thanks to a bit of creative thinking on their part, Sami is back home, safe and happy.

Michael Brennan, his wife Shannon, and their two children had to go to a wedding on Vancouver Island one weekend, so they looked for someone to watch over their two-year-old dog, Sami. Shannon found one on Rover, an app.

The app matches pet owners with nearby sitters. The service is undoubtedly convenient — if not for the fact that the individual Shannon hired turned out not to be trustworthy.


The very same night that the family left, the dog sitter sent them a brief message saying that Sami had gone missing. He said he was sorry for it, but he would no longer be communicating with the family.

One can only imagine how distressed Michael and Shannon must have been after receiving that message. Adding to their anguish was the unavailability of a flight in the next few hours. The family had to wait the following day to go back home.

Luckily, the family received information that Sami, a shepherd mix, was last seen around East 47th Avenue and Knight Street in East Vancouver. They placed her bed there in the hopes of luring out the pooch.

Michael and Shannon stayed at the spot, straining their eyes to see Sami. After 11 hours, though, they had to go home and rest.

However, they left Sami’s bed behind. A kindly neighbor offered to watch the area and notify the family once the dog turned up.

They didn’t have to wait long; Sami was there the next morning. Michael rushed to the area, but the dog was too nervous to recognize him at first.

Michael had to use treats to persuade Sami to come closer. Once she did, the pooch recognized her fur dad’s scent and rolled over to get a much-deserved belly rub.

Rover has since banned Sami’s sitter from providing his services through their platform. However, Michael and Shannon no longer intend to use the app. Instead, they will turn to friends or family next time they need someone to look after Sami.

Source: Michael Ó Braonáin on Facebook



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