It’s typical for dogs to wear collars, especially those who have owners. However, this particular dog in Cape Town stands out because an engagement ring seemed to be dangling on her collar.

Someone found this pup on the street in Milnerton. She was tied to a pole, but what caught people’s attention is the ring pendant that she’s wearing on her collar.

Everyone wondered why someone put a ring on the dog’s collar. It looked like an engagement ring, but why would anyone leave it with the dog. Aside from that, why would they go the dog outside where a lot of strangers can spot valuable jewelry?


Cheryl-Lyn’s Rescue Organisation rescued and took the pup in. The staff there took care of the pooch. They also posted photos of the dog online.

The photo went viral, and a lot of speculations were formed regarding the dog and the ring that it’s carrying.

Someone drew a theory that the couple who owned the pup is having a rough time. Another one speculated that someone got dumped or the couple broke up. Netizens think that this is probably why they didn’t want to do anything with the ring and the dog anymore.

Others thought that the situation was so weird. Maybe, someone’s proposal went wrong. Another mentioned that perhaps the owner is still waiting for the dog to deliver the ring, but something went wrong.

Another theory narrates how the owner might have decided to leave the dog on the streets so someone can take him in. Maybe the ring was meant to be sold by whoever will find the dog and will buy some dog food or something.

Staff said that someone wanted to claim the dog saying that the ring belonged to his wife. According to him, the ring was stolen. However, he couldn’t submit documents or other proof to confirm his statement.

Speculations turned crazy. However, the truth was revealed when the shelter found the dog’s owner. It turns out; the pup belonged to a woman who lives on the street.

According to her, the ring was only meant to make her dog look pretty. It was just costume jewelry. She also wishes that people will pay more attention to more severe issues of animal cruelty.

Credits to Cheryl-Lyn’s Rescue Organisation for sharing this viral photos.



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