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If there is one thing that can separate moms from everyone else, it is their unquestionable dedication to their kids. They would very much be willing to give their own lives to their kids in a heartbeat. This does not exclude any mom, even in dogs – and this video proves that. Seen in the footage is a dog that is relentless in asking for help. It turns out; she is a mom to cute puppies who are stuck and in need of someone to get her pups to safety.

Watch a dog mom get help for her puppies

The video shows this adorable mom coming to her dog parent who mistakenly thought that it needs something, like food or the like. The dog keeps on insisting on something that the owner now becomes alerted that it wants help on something. When the owner followed the dog, it took him to the place where her puppies are stuck. The dog parent now has more dogs to cherish and was happy to help all the pups out.

Dog moms are cool

This video is just one of those clips that show how caring and loving dog moms are. They are like human moms. They love and adore their puppies and tend to be overly protective of them. This is why people are always warned of their safety when getting near their dogs after having litters. Dog moms immediately become aggressive when people try to come near and worst, try to touch the puppies. They seem to think that their puppies are fragile and can get hurt when they are touched by human hands.

Especially when the dog is trained very well, they recognize their dog parents and allow them to come near and caress their puppies.

Source: Kedar True TV via Youtube


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