A family in Siberia adopted an abandoned Golden Retriever without knowing that their new pooch would save a life one day.

Charlick, the 10-year-old Golden Retriever, had a rough life before he found his current family. He was found on the streets of Siberia in Russia.

His previous owner used Charlick as a breeding dog and was treated horribly. Once his owners were finished with him, they just kicked him out and abandoned him on the streets.


Charlick was taken to a rescue shelter, which took care and looked after him while they found him a new loving family. Fortunately, a woman named Svetlana saw his photo and offered to take the pooch.

According to Svetlana, it was love at first sight when she saw the photo of Charlick. She and her family decided to adopt the pup so he can have a loving home that he deserved.

However, Charlick’s story doesn’t end here.

One ordinary day, Svetlana took her other dogs and Charlick out for a walk. She didn’t imagine that on that day, Charlick would become a hero.

While they were walking, the two dogs were frantically digging in the snow. Charlick had found something, and he seemed so desperate to dig it out.

That’s when Svetlana’s son got closer and couldn’t believe his eyes.

Charlick’s digging uncovered a little shivering puppy that was buried in the snow. Svetlana quickly took the puppy home to warm up. Siberia has freezing temperatures, so the family knew what to do.

The little black curly-haired pup made an excellent recovery. Thanks to Charlick and his siblings. If the dog has been left there any longer, there’s no doubt she wouldn’t have made it.

Svetlana and the family decided that they will adopt the pup if they can’t find her owners.

Source: Photo from @dobrye_ruki_bratsk via Instagram



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