A dog’s love is incomparable. You will often hear stories about dogs being loyal to their owners. Case in point: Hachiko, the dog who waited for its owner for nine years (even after his owner’s death). There are also military dogs who do not want to be separated from their handlers.

And there are also dogs who will never leave their home no matter what happens. Madison, an Anatolian dog, had been in the news for her loyalty. She was seen guarding his owner’s home even after the Northern California Camp Fire burned it down to the ground.

This show of loyalty had touched the hearts of those who suffered from the fire and even dog lovers.


The search for Madison


The fire separated Madison from his owners. When the fires spread, Andrea Gaylord, Madison’s owner, only had minutes to flee and head over to the safe zone. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to take Madison and his brother, Miguel, because they were nowhere to be found.

Right after the devastation, an animal rescuer received a call from Andrea. She was urging the rescuers to search for Madison and Miguel. Luckily, a different rescue and search team managed to locate Miguel. The captured dog was immediately reunited with Andrea and her husband.

A warm reunion with his owners

Madison was still missing. Despite that, Andrea believed that he was still alive. Madison couldn’t be too far away, according to her.

While visiting the burned houses sand surrounding properties, a rescuer caught a glimpse of a dog. And it was Madison. However, Madison was not too keen on coming up to the rescuer.

All it took was the presence of his owners. Once Andrea was allowed to revisit the property, she looked for Madison. And after a few minutes, Madison came up to her. He smelled his owner and seemed happy to be reunited with her.

Video Source: CBS News via YouTube



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