Louie’s family never doubted that their dog is a good little doggo. However, one incident proved to them how much of a good boy their beloved Louie is.

Louie, a sheepdog from New Zealand, lived with Marolyn Diver’s folks. Ever since Louie was a little puppy, he loved going out on his own for adventures throughout the farmland that surrounded their home.

Louie’s outdoor ventures lessened as he aged. The 12-year-old dog preferred to stay closer to his home because his body and senses were not as great as they used to.


Louie’s family became concerned when the senior dog suddenly disappeared for a day while Marolyn was visiting the town. They knew that Louie would not wander around anymore like he used to because he is already old.

Marolyn shared with The Dodo that her mother felt somewhat grumpy because she thought that Louie’s wandering phase was already over. However, what Louie’s family did not know was that he was actually out to save someone in need.

When Louie returned home after his afternoon outing, his family felt so relieved after seeing their dog stroll casually back home. However, Louie’s family noticed a cardboard note attached to their dog.

Marolyn’s initial reaction was alarmed. She did not know if her dog caused any trouble, or was a warning from the wrong person he came across.

Marolyn recalled Louie coming home exhausted and collapsing on their yard. She and her family were worried if someone hurt their beloved Louie, but after they read the note, she felt relief.

It turns out that their Louie was actually a hero of someone’s day. The note also said that Louie led their family’s neighbor, Rob, to his dog, Maddy, who was stuck under a pile of branches.

Rob someone knew that Louie might get himself in trouble for getting home late, so he wrote a note why the dog was nowhere to be seen. Rob gave Louie a huge mouthful of doggy biscuits to thank him for rescuing his dog, Maddy.

Source: The Dodo



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