Training your new puppy for obedience and other things requires lots of patience from the owner. A lot of times, you’ll feel frustrated as it seems the dog’s not heeding your instructions. You think it would take forever before your dog officially recognizes your commands and follow them.

However, it’s essential to enjoy the whole process as well. Take one day at a time to learn new things about your dog. Carefully observe what works best for them. If you manage to find something that makes them tick, use them to your advantage.

Jet, let’s learn how to sit, okay?

Typically, sitting is one of the first commands dog owners teach their puppies. Aside from it’s the most basic, it’s also the most effortless deed to follow.


But, it seems not all dogs easily remember how to do this action. Even if a tasty treat’s already in front of them, they can’t completely grasp the idea. For these dogs, what lures them more is the food rather than following their owner’s command. Why bother following them, right?

And for a particular dog named Jet, it looks like this scenario is where he’s headed. No matter how his fur mom entices him with treats, Jet doesn’t follow suit. Though the dog hears his mom, he doesn’t associate the word with the food – yet.

Little brother, let me show you how to do it.

While all this ruckus’ happening, Rufus calmly observes the situation. Since he’s older than Jet, Rufus already knows the association between the command and the treat.

However, Rufus’ active participation in the training hides a secret that will unravel soon.

Since Jet doesn’t get the hang of things, Rufus steps in to help. With a simple push of Rufus’ paw, Jet finally learns how to sit. As a result, Jet finally gets the treat he long desires – even Rufus receives one as well for helping out.

The amazed fur parents cannot believe what they saw, so they attempted to do the process a second time.

Continue doing this little brother so I can get a steady supply of treats.

By the looks of it, however, little Jet still cannot remember the gesture. Whenever fur mom says “Sit,” all Jet does is wag his tail and go around in circles. Well, since Jet’s still a pup, might as well forgive him for not following suit.

But, big brother Rufus isn’t okay with this arrangement. If Jet doesn’t sit, then it means no treats for both of them. As such, he does the only thing he can think of to make his beloved brother sit – and taking another bite of that tasty treat.

Find this story hilarious? You can check out the whole scenario in the video below, and see how it ends.

Video Credit: The Dodo via YouTube



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