When dogs become fat, they need to be put on a strict diet. Their humans need to lower their food intake and give them exercise so they won’t become obese. They need to control what their dog eats, carefully watching out for unhealthy food choices and excess amounts.

Sometimes, however, putting the dog through a weight loss regimen can be a challenge, not just for the dog, but also for its human. This is because dogs can be so overwhelmingly cute and persuasive that it’s hard to refuse when they ask an extra serving of food.

The Great Dane in our video, Sirius, is one adorable dog who knows how to charm his way to more dinners. His human parents saw that he was getting fat, so they wanted to put him on a diet. They decided to stop giving him dinner so he could lose weight.


“So Sirius, we’ve decided that starting today, you’re only gonna eat breakfast. No dinner from here on out,” his mom told him as he looked at her. “What do you think about that?” The huge wannabe lap dog didn’t reply to his mom. He merely looked away after hearing the words “no dinner.”

Sirius, however, responded to his dad, who asked him, “Is that alright? No dinner?” He growled and tried to kiss him as if to say, “I want dinner.” He kept growling and making noises every time his dad teased him that they won’t give him dinners anymore.

What happened next was hilarious. Sirius’s mom and dad told him there would be “no more chicken” for him, causing him to do his best to implore them. He barked and growled and kept laying his head on his dad as if he was a kid begging him for his favorite treat.

The funny argument continued for a while, with Sirius’s parents repeatedly telling him he won’t eat dinner and won’t have chicken anymore, and him running around and pleading with them not to take dinner away from him. Soon, however, the smart dog knew he’d win.

Sirius kept entreating his dad to give him dinner. Soon, the man, who obviously cannot resist his beloved dog, agreed to give him one last dinner before putting him on a diet.

This short video shows us just how much willpower and love we will need to help our dogs live a healthy lifestyle. Obviously, we’ll need a lot.

Source: Rumble Viral via YouTube



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