Whoever said that dogs and cats can’t be friends? Apparently, they are wrong. I used to have a cat and dogs who got along well. However, it’s not the friendly kind of relationship, and the dogs simply don’t mind seeing the cat hanging around the house.

My cat and dogs don’t play together and busy doing their thing. If only my cat and dogs grew up together, probably things would have been different. When my cat died, my dogs didn’t miss him at all. But to Gaku, their cat is his best friend.

Gaku is a Shiba Inu who is currently residing in Japan and used to be best friends with Tarawo, a ginger cat. They grew up together, and Gaku thinks he is also a cat.

When Tarawo passed away at the age of 15 years old, Gaku became sad as he grieved in Tarawo’s passing. Gaku’s owners were also grieving for their cat and weren’t planning on getting another one anytime soon. But it became clear that their dog Gaku was not taking it well.

After a few weeks, Gaku’s owner rescued a little ginger cat. The kitten looked just like Tarawo. The family decided to name the kitten, Torajiro. They took home Torajiro and introduced him to Gaku. For Gaku, it was love at first sight, but Torajiro wasn’t sure about his new dog brother.

The family recalled how Gaku spent the day trying to win over the little kitten’s trust. All his efforts paid off as the two were seen cuddling the next day. The two became inseparable and became best friends in no time.

The family said that Gaku is Torajiro’s role model, and would always follow his lead. They are thankful that Torajiro came into their lives. They said he made their family, especially Gaku happy again.

Credits to Kazumi-Gakumama


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