Hospitals are stressful places. It’s filled with scary machines, stern-looking doctors and nurses, and dreary white walls.

No one would want to be in a hospital, especially children.

As a kid, I always hated going to the hospital. It usually meant needles and getting picked and prodded by doctors.


However, kids nowadays are fortunate.

Non-profit organizations exist today solely to help and support kids during their stay at the hospital. A great example is organizations that train therapy dogs and take these dogs to hospitals to visit kids.

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The Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is just one of the many children’s hospital across the country that allows therapy dogs to visit patients.

A child having dialysis can have a dog beside them to accompany him or her throughout the entire process. Dialysis can take about 2-4 hours depending on what the doctor prescribed. Having a dog to pet and talk to will make four hours pass by like it’s only a few minutes.

A child going through physical therapy recovering from a broken leg can benefit from having a dog walk around with them during therapy. They get encouraged to walk a little further.

A child with cancer and in pain will feel better and in better spirits when they get a dog visit them and just lay down beside them in bed. It just feels good to have a furry dog to cuddle with.

There are so many benefits therapy dogs provide patients when they visit children’s hospitals. They don’t just provide joy and excitement, but also offer emotional support for the patients.

Here’s a great video highlighting the benefits of therapy dogs visiting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Source Video Children’s Hospital Los Angeles via YouTube. Thank you for this great story on how dogs keep the children’s spirit up during their stay at the hospital.



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