Most of us know our pets so well when we took them since they were younger. But admit it or not, there are still facts about your dog that you are amazed when you found out about it. It is very crucial that you know your dog deeply because this will help you understand them more and relate yourself to their position. Some of these may sound funny but it will be educational as well that would benefit you and your dog.

Let’s see if the interesting facts below will awe you. These are just simple good-to-know for your pet that you may use in the long run and in the future.

1. Family tree

They are one of the descendants of the wolf pack.

2. Feature

Newborn puppies are naturally deaf, blind and they don’t have any tooth yet.

3. Curling up

Dogs curl up their bodies when they feel cold to keep them warm and to cover their private parts.

4. Sense of smell

They can smell 10,000 stronger than an average person can.

5. Jealousy

They can also feel jealous when their owners show attention and affection to other animals. Well, they have feelings too, same as humans.

6. Disease detector

Dogs can be trained to detect certain diseases like cancer, though it is in their nature that they can sense if their owner is not feeling well or sick.

7. Whiskers

They use their whiskers for sensation. They can feel someone in the dark or hear someone from afar using their whiskers. They can give you precautions for accidents.

8. Size

Your pet will gain its actual size when they are in between 1 to 2 years old.

9. Temperature

The dog’s average body temperature ranges up to 101.2 degrees Celsius. That is why they feel heat every time.

10. Foot disease

If you don’t want your dog’s feet to smell foul, keep their toenails short and clean. Long toenails may give them a smelly feet.

11. Biblical fact

In this holy book, dogs are cited more than 35 times. They are part of the book story.

12. Being fat

One of the most common health problems of the dogs is being obese. Watch out for their diet to avoid this and keep your pet stronger and healthier.

13. Maturity

Despite of the size, it is believed that smaller breeds mature earlier than large breed dogs.

14. Ear muscles

It is an unusual fact that dogs have more ear muscles twice of that in humans. That answers why they can easily move their ears.

15. Pregnancy

Female humans carry a child in the womb for 9 months before giving birth, while female dogs carry their puppies for just 9 weeks. 9 is the common number for pregnancy.

16. Submission

When dogs are surrounded by larger group of animals they can be passive.

17. Learning

You can teach your dog to count numbers and solve simple math equations. You can do this for bonding then you can use later for fun and entertainment. With time and patience, you can teach your pet as well to walk backwards, salute or make a bow.




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