Sometimes, what we all need is just a little inspiration, a little pat on the back to help encourage us and motivate us to keep going forward and accomplish what we were meant to do. That’s what the cute dog in our story wants to give us right now.

The dog was filmed on video several times, and with each video capture, he would bark, howl, and make some gestures, accompanied by certain facial expressions that make him look like he is saying something.

Well, his owner thought it would be great to make an inspirational video out of the adorable Samoyed dog’s behavior. From the dog’s clips, a video entitled “Inspirational Dog” came out. In this video, the fluffy dog greeted viewers first, then introduced himself:


“Hello hooman,” he said. “I am the good boy.”

Undoubtedly, viewers will find it difficult to contain their laughter and amusement when they read the subtitles on the screen every time the dog growls, barks, howls, and uses his paw to make gestures. Some captions are intentionally misspelled to add to the humor.

“My floor is sof,” he said in one scene, “and my bely rubable.”

The dog said he came to tell his viewers that they can do great things. This little dog sure knows how to encourage people to take enormous leaps of faith, doesn’t he?

The fun and inspiration don’t stop there. The fluffy Samoyed also gives some reminders to everyone who feels down and out.

“If sometims you sad,” he says, “try eat spageters.”

The dog also tells people to be good to others, because it’s no good to be bad. He then tells people to keep dreaming about what their heart desires.

Though the words and sentences are full of grammatical errors, one cannot deny the heartfelt encouragement that this white dog wants to give.

The lovable Samoyed ends his inspirational message by saying, “You are the good boy.” Isn’t it nice to hear words that remind us of our potential and capability to do great things that would benefit others?

Fans will remember this cute little Samoyed dog as “Good Boy,” the dog who starred in a parody video that became inspirational and encouraging to all.

Source: Collin Dixon via YouTube



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