There is a parole office near Villalobos Rescue Center. Though the office is near, it is very rare for anyone from there to ask for help.

Officer Berger, a probation supervisor, went to the rescue one day to ask them for assistance. One man was arrested and jailed. He left his dog behind.

Officer Berger tried calling his family members to check if anyone can take care of the dog. No one was willing to. He knew that if he left the dog alone, it would die.


He realized that Villalobos would be the perfect place for the dog to wait for its owner. Someone from the rescue accompanied the officer to where the dog was. When they got there, a neighbor called out to them.

The man informed them that he took the dog to take care of it for a while. He fed the dog and gave it a safe place to stay. The officer was thankful for the man. They still had to get the dog from him to give it a better place to stay.

The dog was brought to the rescue, where he is to wait for his owner to come back. The officer was kind enough to check on him a few weeks after the rescue.

He informed the people from the center that there is no timeline when the owner of the dog will be released. Staff from the rescue assured him that they would take good care of the dog.

If, in any case, that its owner won’t be back, they will do everything they can to find the right home for him. They are just glad to see that an officer is so concerned about the canine.

Usually, they don’t give the dogs a second thought. Officer Berger is a man who truly watches out for everyone. He is someone who truly cares.

Source Animal Planet via YouTube



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