Pit Bulls are the recent target of discriminatory laws that primarily regulate their breeding in an attempt to lessen dog attacks. Breeds of this type include the American Pit Bull Terriers, English Bull Terriers, American Bulldogs, or even Rottweilers. However, any smart pit bull owner can prove that these dogs are a loyal and gentle breed.

Case in point: the late night adventure of a pit bull lab mix named Hurley. He and his owner Shelby were out on an evening stroll around the neighborhood, unleashed and generally just exploring every bush and lamp post he could find. A sudden scream split the night air, prompting the dog to take off and head towards the sound.


Shelby ran after him, concerned at the possibly dangerous situation they’re about to encounter. When they reached the screaming child, he saw Hurley quickly grab a copperhead snake away and flung it around. He struggled with the reptile until he was able to kill it.

southern copperhead, viper, poisonous

The little boy quickly jumped into his mother’s waiting car, and promptly drove off, presumably to a hospital in case the child needed medical attention. Shelby stayed behind and called animal control to report the incident.

When they checked if Hurley sustained any damage, they found him bleeding with a swollen neck and foaming mouth. Before it died, the snake was able to bite the attacking dog on his upper lip. Wasting no time, they rushed him to an animal hospital to receive immediate treatment.

Fortunately, Hurley recovered and was brought home the next morning. Local authorities later found out that the child stumbled upon a nest of snakes and was lucky that Hurley was able to prevent him from getting hurt.

Hurley’s act of heroism certainly trumps any perceived stereotype for his kind. No matter the breed, all dogs have a right to a secure and happy life.

Photos courtesy of LoveWhatMatters



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