Lebowski was only ten weeks old when Jennifer Geiger’s family met him at the Priceless Pet Rescue four years ago. They instantly fell in love with the pittie, especially Scarlett, Jennifer’s four-year-old daughter.

According to Jennifer, Scarlett was so smitten by Lebowski’s cute face. She loved everything about the adorable pup. It turns out; the feeling was mutual. Lebowski followed Scarlett wherever she went and copied everything that she did. He would join her tea parties, play dress-up, and also watch her do her homework.


However, there was one thing that Lebowski loved doing with Scarlett the most – taking a nap. Jennifer said that on Lebowski’s first day at his new home, he already curled up to sleep next to Scarlett. Since then, the two of them have passed out numerous times on the couch together.

Sometimes, Jennifer wakes up in the middle of the night. This was when she realized that the then 8-month-old Lebowski was missing. Jennifer started to panic. She looked for the pup everywhere and found him under Scarlett’s bed, hiding like a monster.

Until, one night, Jennifer checked Scarlett in her room. There she saw Lebowski, snoring beside Scarlett. Since then, the two of them have been sleeping next to each other. They do not care where they sleep as long as they are together. To Scarlett and Lebowski, that is all that matters.


Now at over four years old, whenever his parents say “go to bed,” Lebowski would go to Scarlett and snuggle with her. According to Jennifer, Lebowski keeps a close eye on Scarlett. Whenever they’re away from each other, Lebowski mopes around.

As Jennifer said, witnessing the two of them grow up and go through adventures together makes them feel so blessed. Indeed, what Scarlett and Lebowski share is such a special bond.

Credit: scarleysworld


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