All of us have dreams. Some of them could be big or ambitious, while others could appear to be small. For example, there are those who dream of being the wealthiest person in the world. There are also those who dream of simpler things, like enjoying a quiet weekend in the mountains or even eating their favorite food.

But whether dreams are grand or simple, they give us extraordinary joy when we see them fulfilled. The dog in our story knows this so well, as he lived to see one of his dreams come true.

This dog loved to play catch. It was one of his favorite activities in the world. He loved to see the ball bounce, and he enjoyed running after it. He hoped that someday he could have all the balls he wanted so he could play catch anytime.


A day that was raining balls was probably the thought that occupied his imagination most. Would it ever come true for him?

To his surprise, it did come true. A local tennis instructor approached the dog’s family and offered to give them 300 used tennis balls. Three hundred! The dog could hardly believe it.

The day finally came for the balls to be delivered. The dog and his family waited on the porch.

Suddenly, as if it were falling from the sky, a tennis ball landed on the floor. The dog couldn’t contain his excitement as he chased it across the porch. He didn’t know that was just the beginning of his experience of heaven on earth.

Shortly after the first ball landed, another one came. While the dog was chasing it, another ball fell, and another, and another. The dog, visibly delighted by what he was seeing, didn’t know what to do. He already held a ball in his mouth, but he wanted to chase the others, too.

When the rest of the balls came, the dog lost it. He was thrilled as he watched the balls bouncing around the porch. It was indeed a dream come true for the adorable pooch. Watch the video below and see how cute the dog reacted when it started raining balls.

Source: njalakomboya via YouTube



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