Does your dog lick your face often? If you have been wondering why this is, here are the possible reasons.

Sign of submission

Dogs share a sort of pack mentality. This instinctive predisposition makes them prone to licking their pack’s leader or alpha. For domesticated dogs, you happen to be the alpha. Your dog licking you means they respect you and they are ready to obey your wishes.

Boredom manifestation

If your dog does not get the mental and physical stimulation they need, they might resort to certain habits. Licking is one of these. If not immediately rectified, it could turn into a compulsive behavior.


A way to explore


Dogs are curious creatures. This instinctive curiosity matched with their keen sense of taste and smell make them lick people and things they might find interesting. Dogs can even identify the individual taste of their owners through such things as the salt in your sweat.

They think you like it

If your dog is prone to licking your face and you allow them to, this behavior will soon become habitual, with them thinking being licked is something you enjoy.

For self-medication

Dogs self-medicate through licking ill parts of their bodies. For instance, if you notice your pup regularly licking a specific body part, chances are said body part is suffering from an allergy. If they keep licking between the creases in their paws, check these parts for possible cuts or thorns.

Doggy saliva is rich in healing enzymes. This is why you will notice that when your dog has a wound in a specific area of their body, they spend a lot of time licking this area. Just be mindful if your dog has recently undergone a surgical procedure because in this case self-medication via licking is not recommended.


Anxious dogs are susceptible to an array of obsessive compulsive behaviors such as licking. In this case you might want to seek the aid of an animal behaviorist. 

Showing affection

Licking dogs are getting high on endorphins. This is one reason why this action is quite enjoyable to them. And when they share their licking with you, it’s a legit sign of affection.


Dogs don’t share a lot of similar characteristics with cats. Although both animals self-groom via licking. The main areas of interest of their self-grooming include the legs, flanks, and genitals.

To communicate

Another important function of licking is communication. Your dog giving you a lick could mean a lot of things like them reminding you it’s mealtime or playtime. 

For attention

Dogs like to be the center of attention. Unlike cats they can’t go for long without their humans noticing them. So if your dog starts licking you, chances are they are trying to get noticed.To reassure them that they are seen, give your dog a hug or a belly rub.

Even better, give them a good treat or two. Whatever you do, just make sure you communicate love and affection in return. They deserve just that.




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