Last year, Laken Molly Richardson opened a daycare center for dogs in New Zealand. She called it Two Brown Dogs Doggy Daycare and hoped that this would be a fun and safe space where pups can relax and play.

Today, there are about 15 dogs that visit Laken’s doggy daycare every single day, and each one of them is always filled with excitement when going there. It is probably safe to say that these pups are having so much fun that they can’t wait to come in every morning.

Laken decided to set up a hidden camera at the doggy daycare’s entrance to capture the moment when the dogs come in. The result was nothing but adorable. Check out the video below.


Some recent clips of the dogs arriving at Doggy Daycare 😀Edit: Love reading all the comments! My Daycare is in New Zealand and is called Two Brown Dogs Doggy Daycare 😊😊

Posted by Laken Molly Richardson on Thursday, October 10, 2019


All of the dogs were so happy upon their arrival, and they have their own way of showing it. Some of them could barely stay on their leash. The others ran ahead of their parents for them to reach the door more quickly. Then, some also leap out of their cars without even giving their owners a look to say goodbye.

Some dogs get a bit hesitant at first, too. Laken said that the newcomers take time to get into the routine. However, Laken knows precisely what to do to help them. So, soon, the pups start having a blast. Owners with nervous or anxious pooches need not worry too because the doggy daycare also takes and does some training with these pups.

After spending the entire day playing and having lots of fun, dogs are usually tired and ready to go home. However, sometimes, Laken needs to carry some of them out the door because they love staying in the daycare too much. Thankfully, they do not have to worry because the next day, they will surely come back.

Credit: Laken Molly Richardson



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