For some, the best way to get a dog is to go to pet shops or breeders and look for the perfect companion for them. And while the competition is tight for these businesses, it becomes harder for animal shelters to promote adoption.

Fortunately, people like Ally and Steven Young considered adopting a dog who was about to be euthanized in an Oklahoma high-kill shelter. The couple took in a pregnant terrier mix which they initially thought was a male dog.

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The couple’s love for tacos is undeniable, so they decided to name their new pup “Taco Belle.” They took care of her until she went into labor. She gave birth to a total of nine adorable puppies, which they named after the Taco Bell menu items, of course!

When the puppies were about two months old, Ally posted photos of them online in the hopes of finding their forever homes. The pups were in their wackiest poses with their names next to them.

“One of Taco Belle’s puppy didn’t make it, but the rest of the taquitos are in good health and ready for adoption!” Ally said in the post. “If any of you knows a family who shares the same love for tacos and dogs just as we do, please share this post!” she added.

The call for adoption caught a lot of attention, thanks to these sweet puppies and their adorable names. Quesarito, Fiesta Potato, Chalupa and Cinnamon Twist now have new homes.

Meanwhile, Bellegrande, Gordita, Dorito Loco, and Crunchwrap Supreme are still waiting for their forever families. For sure, it won’t take long for these cuties to find their new best friends!

Imagine yourself driving thru Taco Bell while Quesarito is barking at you. Fancy having a bite of your favorite snack while cuddling with Dorito Loco. It’s hilarious!

Whether you’re a fan of tacos or not, we’re pretty sure that you’ll enjoy the clip below featuring these adorable puppies. Just a reminder — it’s hard not to smile at these cuties!

Video credit: Youtube FOX 35 News



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