Anand Raman paid his sister a visit at work. It was a sunny day in Dubai. So, everyone was trying to stay under the shade, including this dog who was hiding under a parked vehicle at the office of his sister.

Raman said that the dog was eating leftover foods that were given to him. However, when the dog saw Raman, the dog came running to him as if they were long-lost friends. He did not plan on rescuing the dog, but the happiness on the dog’s face made it all seem like he had no other choice.

Posted by Hans Payan Geler on Friday, February 15, 2019

The dog approached him looking curious yet excited, said Raman. He was wagging his tail in excitement. Because of that, Raman fell in love with the dog. They sat together on the sidewalk, and he saw that the doggo was pleased to be petted. Then, Raman carried the dog to his car where it immediately fell asleep on his shoulder.

Raman’s sister and brother-in-law helped him drive the dog to the vet for a checkup. The dog had matted fur, and its legs didn’t look fine. It also seemed exhausted when Raman got him.

The vet told Raman that the dog’s wobbly gait was due to rickets in his front legs. It was suffering from malnutrition. Good thing its condition is treatable. It doesn’t have lasting effects on the dog too.

When they arrived at Raman’s place, he gave the dog a bath. To his surprise, after removing all the dirt on his body, he saw that the dog’s coat was actually pure white. He named the dog Snowy because of its fur’s color and the loyal dog on “The Adventures of Tintin” comic.

Posted by Hans Payan Geler on Friday, February 15, 2019

Despite finding its new home, it took a little while for Snowy to feel safe. Raman said that Snowy found it hard to adapt to his house at first. It wasn’t sure what to do so it would just sit in one corner.

Snowy also seemed to worry that Raman would leave him on the streets whenever they’re about to go for a walk. Two months later, Snowy finally realized that Raman is not letting go of him. He understood that his life now is different – that he is loved and wanted.

Credit: Hans Payan Geler


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