Not having an owner is one thing, but having one and leaving you behind much hurt even more. It is knowing that your own family has left you. This is one painful experience that is hard to forget.

That’s what happened to this senior dog. He once had a loving family who left him to live on the streets. His family moved away and left him behind.

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your family go without you. Okay, wait, there is. The fact that this dog keeps coming back to his old home, hoping that they will one day return for him, is even more heartbreaking.


The Hope For Paws organization was called in to rescue him. The dog was distressed when he first met his rescuers, not knowing they were there to save him from his lonely life. Lisa Arturo and Joann Wiltz were the two rescuers and knew what they were doing.

When the dog ran away from them, they knew he would be coming back to his old home. So they waited. True enough, he did come back, and they were able to catch him before he had any chance to run off again.

The neighbors, who named the dog Stewie, helped  Arturo and Wiltz in putting him in the car. He was then brought to the vet to get cleaned and checked. During his check-up, the x-ray result shows that he has been eating rocks as he was literally starving.

To make matters worse, Stewie had tumors all over his body. Fortunately, all of them were removed by the vet and it was found out that all are benign.

After more than a year of being alone, and living on the streets, Stewie is now clean, happy, and is waiting for a new family to call his own.

Source: Hope for Paws via YouTube



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