The puppy on the video is Basil. A two-month-old puppy was fortunate enough to be rescued by Johnston. Johnston is the founder of Thai Street Paws Rescue, and she found Basil in the streets.

When she first met him, he was in bad condition. This little puppy who was supposed to be taken cared of had a bloated stomach and emaciated. And the rest of his body was covered in ticks and fleas.

He is just a puppy, and you can see that he has gone through so much. You can see the fear reflected in his eyes. He did not have an owner, which explains the poor health this dog had.


His only way to survive the streets was to eat anything that he could find. It didn’t matter if it was food that has gone bad – he ate it to keep himself alive. And it did, but barely.

Basil was brought to the vet where he was provided fluids and was medicated. Medication that included getting rid of his ticks and fleas. He then remained at the vet for a couple of days just to regain strength before Johnson got him again.

Just a couple days after the rescue, he was doing so much better and has gained weight. He weighed around 3.3kg. That weight gain is such an achievement!

And 45 days after he was rescued, the once unhealthy puppy became chubby, healthy, and has grown up. He looked different from the first time they saw him.

This time, he looked different in a good way. He now has more hair, has gained the weight he needed, and has become a happy dog which was a far cry from what he was. Little Basil deserves the happy ending that he got.

Source WoofLife via YouTube



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