Love for siblings is a powerful thing. What is more amazing is dogs that become siblings have the same kind of love for each other. Jessica always wanted a dog, but she wanted to start small.

That’s when she adopted Punky. Punky was only two or three pounds heavy when she got her. The next one she got was Nacho who was a tiny dog too. They have been happily living with her for the past ten years, and Jessica didn’t think that she would want another one.

When she saw a picture of Tyson, everything changed. Tyson has been returned twice for undisclosed reasons, but the last owner made a note that said he is really good with small dogs. And Jessica really wanted to have him.


People warned her that since Tyson was a pitbull, he might hurt her current dogs. Some even said that he might crush them, but he has proved everybody wrong as he is the total opposite. He loves his brother and sister.

This was not always the case especially with Punky who was the boss of the house. He was annoyed when Tyson came but quickly realized that Tyson was someone he can get along after all.

He also likes the warmth of Tyson, so now, you will see Punky and Nacho cuddle up with Tyson every chance they get. It is the sweetest thing to see.

Tyson looks out for his smaller brother and sister acting as a big brother. He makes sure he is comfortable especially when they sleep with him. You can see them hugging and nuzzling up with each other.

These three siblings are inseparable, and the love they have for each other visibly shows. All thanks to their mother, Jessica who did not give up on Tyson and brought him home.

Source The Dodo via YouTube



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