There’s more to a dog’s life than walks and fetches. There’s skateboarding too! And that’s what this Chihuahua chose to do on his play time.

A neighbor of Tam Tu was holding Brutis one day, and Tu admired the dog. The owner said that she was about to bring him to the shelter because he keeps crying. Tu informed the lady that he would keep him.

That’s when Tu realized that he was not crying all this time, he was actually talking to his owner. He is a very talkative little canine. That’s the start of a fantastic bond between Tu and Brutis.


They have seen dogs on a skateboard, and Tu’s friend mentioned that he should try it with Brutis, and so he did. He is not a skateboard instructor, so he really didn’t know what to do — good thing Brutis did.

He started taking naps on the board and slowly worked his way to go on board. He kept doing it, and in a week, he learned! He learned it on his own.

He was the dog that would make moves that other skateboarding dogs can’t do. It’s as if he was born to skate. This little dog is a part of a big family who is all rescues.

And even when he is the smallest, you can tell that he is the leader as the others would follow suit on his skateboarding activities. They are now learning skateboard as well with Brutis’ guidance.

This goofy dog is one cool cookie with all his freelance moves. He has brought so much joy to Tu and anyone who sees him, and Tu is just grateful that he saw him before he was taken to the shelter. You can be sure Brutis is grateful too for Tu for taking him in.

Source The Dodo via YouTube



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