As we all know, dogs are capable of feeling emotions. Also, they are not judgemental, thus making them the perfect companion to those feeling down and that need motivation.

Not all dogs can be trained to become a therapy dog. There are some characteristics and traits that a dog must have. Furthermore, they are not limited to one breed; any dog breed can be certified to become a therapy dog and are often seen roaming the hospitals, nursing homes, schools and other places where the stress levels are high.

But sometimes, you can meet one in a traffic-jammed area. A therapy dog went viral for taking the time to comfort a person in need. An Old English Mastiff named Sherman, a therapy dog who coincidently stuck in traffic with his owners.


Andy was recently discharged in the nursing home and was on his way home. He happened to be in the same place as Sherman and saw him stick his head out of the car window.

Sherman’s owner recalled receiving the call from Andi. They noted the guy being soft-spoken and kind. He was asking if he can arrange a day to meet Sherman.

Andi explained to them that he got admitted in a nursing care facility for three months and was recently discharged. He further explained to them that he used to have a large breed dog before he needed to surrender him in a shelter. Because of his back injury, he can no longer care for him and still heartbroken for not having his dog.

Sherman’s owner thought that Andi needs comforting right away. They called back Andi and arranged them to meet in a parking lot at Wal-mart.

They introduced themselves and permitted Andi to enter their car. As soon as Andi hugged Sherman, he started crying non-stop. They described their meeting as heartfelt that even they began to cry.

Credits to Sherman the Therapy Dog



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