We already know dog shelters exist. It’s a place where dogs are given temporary refuge while they wait for someone to adopt them. A lot of shelters are connected to rescue organizations. However, this story features something very different — a dog kindergarten.

This is a place where owners leave their dogs for a few hours to play with other dogs. Consider it a daycare center but for dogs. Everything is made to simulate the experience of being in kindergarten.

The teacher in charge is Miss Roy. She manages and operates a fun place. Throughout the day the dogs in her care go through several classes just like in a real kindergarten. It’s a fun way for dogs to be trained and socialize.

The first class involves puzzles. The puzzles have treats inside, so the dogs are incentivized to solve them. They get the hang of it pretty fast.

The second class is playtime. There are lots of stuffed toys and other dog toys available. Watch the dogs run around and interact with each other. So much adorableness is filling the playroom.

Each dog has their own bag with a lunch box and notebook. The lunch box contains dog food from their owner. There are notes too that the teacher fills up with information about how the dog’s day went.

Nap time is the cutest part of this kindergarten. Dogs have their own bed and pillow. They sleep like little children as well. While the dogs are napping, the teacher takes time to fill in the notes with daily updates. That’s dedication right there.

After the nap time, the dogs resume endless playtime until their owners come back to pick them up. These are young dogs, so hopefully, they will be very disciplined when they grow up. It’s good to know a place like these exist. Let’s hope more places like this are made available.

Video courtesy of SBS TV via YouTube


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