Caleb Schaffer, a teacher in an elementary school in Houston, Texas, became a significant instrument for one homeless dog to get another chance in life.

It was one school day, Schaffer arrived for work and he was greeted good morning – not by one of his students – but by a stray Labrador dog.  As soon as the pooch saw him, its tail started wagging and thumping.  Sadly, Schaffer had to pass him by and went to teach his class.

Heartbroken and haunted by how the pooch looks, he went back later to check on the dog.  Unfortunately, it was gone.


The next morning, guess who waits for him right at the main door?

Schaffer said that the dog appeared to be happier the moment it saw him.  But just as like their first encounter, there was no time before school.  Knowing that the dog was seeking help, Schaffer went to look out for the dog but it is nowhere to be found.

On the third morning, it was a nice surprise for Schaffer that the dog is back right on the same spot the past two days. This time, it wasn’t just the wagging tail that welcomed him.  The dog even came running to greet him.  Wanting to help the poor pooch, Schaffer walked back to his car and tried luring the dog with tofu from his packed lunch.

Because it was a school day and he still have lessons to teach, Schaffer decided to drive the dog back home and asked his wife to look after it until he completed the day’s classes.

Photo Credits: Caleb Schaffer via The Dodo

In the afternoon, Schaffer went home to help the dog, and he started calling him Clive.  Because his apartment complex only allows a maximum of 2 pets, and he had maxed out on his allowance, he knew that there is no way he could keep the dog.

He reached out to several rescue groups but none had a spare room to take the pooch.  In need of immediate care, Schaffer brought Clive to an animal shelter while he continued working on finding more help for the pup, posting photos and videos online.

Fortunately, Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption volunteers saw Clive’s videos and wanted to save him.  Schaffer was overwhelmed with joy for Clive may have been put to sleep had he stayed longer at the shelter.

Clive’s freedom ride was arranged and was lucky enough to have loving foster parents waiting for him in Austin, Texas.

While waiting for a furever home, Clive is receiving lots of love and veterinary care evidenced by his healing body and great looks.

Photo Credits: Kelli Blackburn via The Dodo



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