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People have mixed feelings about cheese. Some people love cheese wholeheartedly some don’t. There are also those who couldn’t care less about cheese. How about dogs? Do they like it? It depends.

Have you heard of the cheese challenge? We’re not sure if that’s a real thing, but this video says a dog is doing the cheese challenge. We can only figure out what it is based on this video.

It seems that it’s about catching cheese on your face. The video starts with a dog anticipating a treat. Unfortunately, a doggy treat is not what’s about to fly to his face. It’s something else more flat and stinky.


The dog is shocked, or at least he appears to be surprised. There’s a flat yellow thing on his face now although he can’t see the color of it. The dog is sure that it’s not his usual doggy treats. What could it be? It’s cheese!

The video shows a super slow motion shot of the scenario, and it’s mesmerizing to watch. The dog’s head moved sideways as if avoiding the cheese. However, it’s already on his face. It’s a hilarious sight.

Since a dog can smell far better than us, imagine how potent the smell of cheese is to the dog. Does this dog like it? Well, based on the first part of the video, he didn’t eat it. So that means he probably doesn’t like it. Maybe the dog thinks it smells like feet. The poor dog is subjected to a stinky square.

The dog tries a second attempt at the cheese catch. But perhaps, he was expecting a treat again. The cheese lands on his nose. This time it didn’t cover his eyes so he can see what’s on him. Funny captions are present throughout the video. Watch it here and see for yourself.

Video courtesy of Caters Clips via YouTube



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