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There are tiny dogs who can do extraordinary and silly things. One of them is Bella – an idealistic pooch trapped in one small body. Although she is mischievous in so many ways, Bella does not do it alone. She has an accomplice, and that is her big brother, Hank.

Hank serves as Bella’s sidekick. Whenever Bella could not accomplish things because her size prevents her from doing so, it is Hank who comes to the rescue. Since Hank is larger than Bella – way larger for that matter – the pooch is capable of doing things Bella could not.

For one, Hank can climb staircases easily while Bella takes time to climb it because of her little limbs. Aside from this, Hank is also large enough to go over the cage. Over the past years together, Bella and Hank developed a bond that would last a lifetime. They have since then developed teamwork that works.


For Bella to accomplish her senseless acts, the pooch would often ride on Hank’s back. This way, Bella would be able to see everything because it is more visible compared if she stands on her own. Bella loves food, and whenever she does not get the food she wants, she would climb at Hank’s back and snatch food from the kitchen.

According to Adriana Burkhart, the owner of the two dogs, Bella is wise in several things. Adriana shared that whenever Bella does not get what she wants, the pooch would make ways to get it.

Most of Bella’s ridiculous acts are done with the help of Hank. So, most of the time, whenever Bella gets caught, it is not only her who gets apprehended. Hank, on the other hand, does not mind because that is how much he loves Bella. Adriana lets the two do their things, but she always guides them to the right path.

Posted by Adriana Burkhart on Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Credits to Adriana Burkhart.



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