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Sometimes, people tend to look at the physical well-being of a dog before they adopt one. Not many would want to take a stray dog home, and this dog on the video just got really lucky to be at the right time and place when a good Samaritan passed by. As seen on the video, the stray dog is really unhealthy and actually bony. You can say that it may have been out in the cold for some time and have not eaten enough for a long time.

Good thing though, a real dog lover passed by and took it home with him. Now, just after a short period, the dog got back in shape and is adorable – to say the least. What this dog has gone through can no longer be traced with beautifully and fully grown hair, energetic eyes, muscled and toned body, and spring on its walk. You can say that it is happy and nourished to the fullest.

Watch the fantastic recovery of this bony, stray dog

Dog lovers always save the day

Now, as testified by the video above, dog lovers are true heroes of stray dogs. Not all dog lovers are the same, though. There are those that are real, which means, in their core, they have this undying empathy and love for all dogs. The state of health of a dog is not always relevant. Whether it is healthy and from a shelter or stray, they have that yearning to care for a dog.

Some, on the other hand, are just practicing dog lovers. They love dogs when they look great but are disinterested and disgusted by those that are dingy and unhealthy. The one in the video is a real dog lover. The first thing that came out of his mind is to take the dog home so he can care for it and bring it back to its best shape.

Source: Wooflife via Youtube


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