At one point, everyone has had a daydream about their dream holiday: luxurious accommodation, spa treatments, relaxing baths, and good food. But have you ever dreamed the same for your dog? Have you ever thought of treating your good boy to a dream holiday?

Fret not, as the Little Lord Barkley is open for when your furry friend has been an extremely good boy or girl. Located in Headley Court in Surrey, this luxurious holiday will be the next best things your dog will experience – next to having you as his or her parent, of course.

For starters, Little Lord Barkley offers a chauffeur service for the dogs availing of their holidays. The furry pets will be picked up and brought to the hotel in a Range Rover Sport. During transportation, the dogs will be free to lounge around in the car on the big pillow made especially for them.


Once they arrive at the property, they will be welcomed by staff members dressed in designer clothing, which honestly is the most appropriate clothing for pets who deserve it. There are five staff members who will be roaming around and checking on the dogs. However, if you want more personalized attention for your dog, they also have an option of hiring a nanny service who will be manning your dog for 24 hours.

All of the dogs can roam around the property freely – and fall asleep wherever they want. The pet hotel also boasts Evian water running in their water drinking fountains made exclusively for the dogs.

The hotel also offers aromatherapy massage treatments for our furry friends along with a relaxing bath filled with rose petals and special oils. Adding to the relaxing aura of the place is the classical music they play to help the dogs get the best sleep.

There is also an in-house chef who prepares a total of three meals for each dog every day. They only serve meals made from quality meat to provide quality food for the dogs. Every Friday, the guest dogs also get to have an afternoon tea party where they get to munch on dog-friendly sandwiches and pastries.

It is indeed the best vacation a pet can have!

Special thanks to Little Lord Barkley’s Instagram account for the photos.



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