It is amazing when young people show compassion for animals. In this case, that’s precisely what Citlaly Rodriguez and Issac Brajas both did. An organization named Hope For Paws were called in to help rescue the two dogs who were found in the sewer.

These two thoughtful teenagers even waited with the dogs until help arrived. Just when you thought that teenagers are too busy with their love lives and who got the newest trend, this happens. There’s hope after all.

When the rescue team from Hope For Paws arrived at the scene, they saw that the dogs were nervous around people. To build rapport, they gave them treats, which the canines devoured with no hesitation.


You can see that they were hungry and were glad to have the much-needed treat. When the team started putting what the organization calls a “lucky leash,” the dogs did not even try to resist and welcomed the leash openly.

They named the dogs Dixie and Winn. As the team was leading them to the car, the dogs were wagging their tails which shows how excited they were about being rescued.

The dog’s eyes were infested with fleas and ticks, and because of the presence of these parasites, both dogs developed eye infections. Having this condition means that they needed a special kind of bath. Both were clean like a million bucks once the shower was done.

The Wags And Walks organization fostered the two furry canines until they found a permanent home for them. Now, they happily live with their new family. This story is like a fairytale ending for dogs.

The rescue wouldn’t have happened without the compassion of those two teens who were concerned enough to get the help needed for Dixie and Winn. There is hope for humanity yet.

Source Hope For Paws via YouTube




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