Nothing can be far more adorable than watching a dog play. If you add more dogs to the mix, then it’s even better. But in the video below, an unlikely pairing shows that there is something even more delightful. A dog playing with a sea otter!

Although it may not be unusual to see sea creatures in the pier, this otter chose to go on land and have a bit of playtime with a dog being walked by its owners.

The video starts with a black dog on a leash taking playful lunges at a sea otter on its back, happily swaying side to side. Stretching out its short arms, the otter tries to catch the dog’s snout. They follow this with some running and following, but they quickly return to their lunging game, this time, the otter takes its turn lunging at the dog.


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The owner leads the dog to continue on its walk, but the otter doesn’t want to end their playtime just yet. Determined to have more fun time with his newfound friend, the otter follows them and does some playful jabs at the canine. Not to be outdone, the dog takes some gentle bites at his playmate, and then they harmlessly wrestle each other.

All good things must come to an end

Sadly though, their walk comes to an end when they reach the exit of the pier. The dog and its owners climb up the exit ramp leaving the otter behind. Seemingly asking them not to go just yet, the otter races back and forth beneath the ramp looking for its friend. It takes some pause and stares upwards, hoping to catch a glimpse of the dog, wishing that it would come back.

Maybe it would. The dog will no doubt look forward to its next trip down the pier. Check out the video next!

Otter And Pup Quickly Become Unlikely Friends

You can almost feel the otter's heart break when he realizes his friend is leaving for good…

Posted by Made Man on Monday, October 28, 2019

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