Lana, a four-year-old Bullmastiff, was living a happy life for three years. Unfortunately, things took a bittersweet turn, and she found herself back to where she initially lived: the Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA.

Life at the shelter

Lana had a hard time adjusting once again to her life inside the shelter. Whitney Steele, the shelter’s director of volunteers and events, noticed this. She empathized with the sad Bullmastiff, so one day, she decided to do something about it.

Steele decided to live with Lana. For twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, Steele stayed inside Lana’s kennel. She planned on staying there until Lana finds her forever home. She was hoping that this arrangement will somehow calm Lana down and make it easier for her to transition to her new life.

Lana suddenly found Steele sleeping next to her on the dog bed. The Bullmastiff started to become fond of the human who was living with her inside the kennel.

The roommate agreement

According to Michale Morefield, marketing and communications manager at the shelter, Steele and Lana have bonded well. Sometimes, they have disputes over who devoured the last pizza slice, or who stole the fluffy pillow. This experience was also an eye-opener for Steele – she developed a deeper understanding of what Lana was going through.

For Steele, their facility and services that the shelter offers are not enough for Lana. She still needs the comforts of a home that’s filled with love and warmth. Months after Steele lived with Lana, the Bullmastiff found her forever home. The separation was a bittersweet experience for the two, but Steele was genuinely happy that Lana found a family that was willing to give her all the love and affection she deserved. Watch the story here:

Credits to ABC News



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